Provinces and land claims information

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Provinces and land claims information  Empty Provinces and land claims information

Post by King Austin on Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:02 pm

The Star Kingdom is a real secessionist movement nation that will be buying a piece of land or an island to officially start the Star Kingdom on but for now we will be allowing citizens to claim their own land as part of the Star Kingdom and also there are going to be Star Kingdom provinces through out the United States and Canada. These provinces are going to be the Southeastern United States, Eastern United States, Mid Western United States, the Western United States, eastern Canada, and Western Canada. So when people join the Star Kingdom they will be assigned to the province in which they already live in. Each province will have a royal governor and possibly a General Assembly. The people of each province will either vote for their royal governor and General Assembly or they can opt to allow the king to appoint them. The king will appoint temporary Governors for when a province doesn't have a lot of citizens and needs to wait to gain more before having an election. If you would like to claim your property under the province you currently live in please do so by going to land claiming registration. Thank you.

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