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Post by King Austin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:41 pm

The Treasury Department is in charge of printing the Star Kingdom's currency which is the Star Dollar (STD) and putting the money into circulation. The Treasury Department is also in charge of minting the Star Kingdoms coins which are wooden and are meant for circulation and collecting purposes. Also the Star Dollar is a fiat currency but the king has silver that can be used to help with any financial problems that may occur in the Star Kingdom also you can use the Star Dollar to buy goods from other citizens within the Star Kingdom or from the government that will be available for sale soon. Also there will be no citizenship taxes or anything but there is a 5% sales tax within the nation, a flat rate 12% personal income tax, and a flat rate 17% business income tax within the nation. also it is not necessary but donations and voluntary taxes of 1% of your income from citizens that do not live in the Star Kingdom are very much appreciated to help build up our nation.

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