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Exciting Anouncment!!! Empty Exciting Anouncment!!!

Post by King Austin on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:56 am

I have been talking and working with the government of Micronesia to see about the Star Kingdom being allowed to inhabit one of their uninhabited islands. Now they do NOT know that we are a micronation they just know that we are a group of people wanting to establish a small community on one of their islands. So if anyone is interested in moving to the island if we are granted permission to live their please comment below and please before you say yes to doing this you must realize that if you are one of the first to join then you will be having to help build from scratch but because of that I will be granting every citizen that is on the first or even second trip out there to the island more land to be given to them to do whatever they wish with which means they may build a house, farm, shops, etc. But the people that wait until everything is pretty much built up will not be given as much land and they also of course will not get the first pick to which piece of land they want and also the late comers will more than likely have to pay a small fee for a parcel of land but would only be at most $1,000 per acre but can be waived by the Monarch or a selected few under certain circumstances. So if you are one of the first comers then you will be given three different advantages for your help and services on helping construct the island. 1. You get first pick on the land you want, 2. You get the land for free (up to a certain amount which would probably be around five or so acres but it just depends on how big the island we get is), 3. You will receive more land than the rest even the people who pay because even they will be limited to how much they can buy. So please like I said comment below if you are serious about this. Thank you.

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